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The beef is home-bred and reared either pure South Devon or Aberdeen Angus x South Devon which gives the beautiful marbling needed for flavour and succulence.  

The cattle are grass fed, with only a little concentrate feed if needed. The grass diet is important to the flavour and also has been proven to give a higher level of Omega-3.  

The tradition is not just the breed and management of the cattle, but also the way the beef is matured in a dry aged maturation fridge before being butchered to ensure optimum tenderness and flavour. 

It is our passion to producing beef with the best eating experience you can get .  By producing our own cattle from birth and using careful management we believe we have achieved this.  

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Box of Beef

Usually our beef is sold in boxes with a mix of cuts and joints.  However we are now offering individual cuts and joints when available. 


The beef boxes consist of all cuts in proportion. The large box equates to an eighth of an animal and consists of mince, dice, roasting joints, steaks, and brisket.  

A small box is half a large box with nearly all cuts and again in proportion. The small box was designed for those with less freezer space or budget.

We are now offering a mini box for those with very limited freezer space.  These will be tailor made as much as possible to individual requirements.  

The beef is matured in a dry aged maturation chiller for a month.  All joints and cuts are vacuum packed and labelled.  

Our local butcher is happy to cater for individual requirement.

If you would like further information about our beef boxes or to order some please contact us.  We do ask you bear with us on availability as this cannot always be guaranteed as all the beef is home bred.  

Phil & Helen, Torbay

“A celebration of high quality, full of flavour, nose to tail best of British beef.”

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