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South Devon Herd

The Suckler Herd

The cows are predominantly pedigree South Devons. Chosen due to their lovely quiet temperament; mothering ability; and carcase quality. The best purebred heifers are retained for breeding to increase the herd slowly. Along with the pedigree South Devons there are some commercial cross bred cows.

The cows are housed in the winter due to the heavy land, and fed hay and silage. They mostly calve in January, February
and March.  

The calves are given some supplements before and after weaning in the autumn. Otherwise they are only fed grass or silage. The herd is high health and managed to ensure they are as healthy and happy as possible!


Herd sires 

Trevoulter Crusader 21 made a great influence to the herd.  But was sadly sold once his daughters came into the herd.  


In 2017 and 2018 AI was used with an Angus sweeper bull (Duke). But success with AI was limited.

So in 2019 Waddeton Claudius 2 was purchased. We can't wait to see what he produces!


So why South Devons

There was never a doubt which breed we were  going to have. South Devons traits make them the obvious choice, such as:

- Temperament

- Milkiness

- Mothering ability

- Largest eye muscle

- Natural marbling

- Do well on a forage diet being a Native breed


Bulls,Females & Store cattle 

-  Only our very best male calves are ever selected as potential breeding bulls to sell. But if you are in the market for a good young South Devon bull please get in touch.


-  Most of our heifers have been retained up until now. But going forward we will have a few to sell as space is limited so we can't keep them all! And possibly some cows with calves at foot.

-  We always have suckle calves to sell each year. Most of these are crossbred calves. They are usually sold in December or April.  

William, North Tawton

"I am delighted with the bulls we have purchased from Acorn Farms.  The progeny are easy calving.  And go on to finish by 18 months grading R or above with weight and yield".

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